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Healthy aging isn’t about keeping your looks, it[‘s] really about aging gracefully and being able to live your best life into the golden years. – Doc Romeo Orteza

Everybody would agree that our bodies physically change as we grow older subsequently the other aspects would follow. Definitely, it’s inevitable. But, contrary to the general belief that we don’t have a hold on these changes, we actually do–partly. This is because we can control our lifestyle which is a major factor on how we age.

During the recently concluded event, Chat with Our Doctor, the topic centered on aging gracefully. Many have raised their questions related to health concerns for older people particularly in cognitive, emotional, and physical aspects, such as cognitive decline, stress, mood swings & personality changes, balance & coordination, and sexual vitality. The succeeding part of this article shortly discusses the summarized secret of aging gracefully based on the questions asked during the event.

Exercise regularly

Dr. Orteza recommended having around a hundred and fifty (150) minutes of exercise a week, which could be divided into thirty-minutes a day for five days. He also emphasized the need to have meditation from time to time such as praying, yoga, tai chi, or whatever activities that makes a person relax for the sake of their mental health.

Eat a Healthy balanced diet

When you’re older, you have to be more wary of your blood pressure and sugar level. Hence, foods that are salty, and high in sugar & cholesterol need to be avoided or consumed moderately. It is also advised to drink plenty of water.

Consult your doctor

Have regular tests and visit your doctor so you can know what specific health concerns you are experiencing. One may visit Noble Life’s headquarters at Manila, as Dr. Orteza is available for consultations as well.

Do detoxification, Re-balancement & Nourishment of Cells

As we age, toxins and heavy metals build up in our brain, muscles, colon, and other parts of the body that cause the potential decline of our cognitive and physical ability. It’s important to eliminate all of these by detoxification. Then, it’s to be followed with re-balancement & nourishment of cells to replenish the weak/dead ones. With regular intake of Cleanse & Cryptomonadales, existing health conditions such as constipation, poor muscle ability, and simple mental conditions could be reduced or treated in no time.

Just follow these five tips and you’ll surely age gracefully. For more comprehensive discussion on the topic, the full episode of this Chat with our Doctor is available on Noble Life’s Official Facebook account and YouTube Channel.

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