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The crown jewel of Noble Life.


Some people might be wondering how Noble Life International got started coming from its 15 years this year. In April of 2006, the President/CEO of NLI accepted the product as she mentioned. Mrs. Baylon coming from a business of a Travel Agency, healthcare was a unique adventure for her.

She mentioned, along with many others, she is reluctant to try the supplements, especially those presented by NLI today. Thus, that’s not surprising to know since, like every other person, we’re cautious about what we consume. However, the same year she stated that the product has something to offer and that it has potential in the Philippine market.

She met with a Singaporean representative in July 2006 to discuss the products. They decided to try out the Philippine market, and she was pleasantly surprised by the
results. She said, “The product has a great deal of potential.” Consumers began to share personal testimonies with the CEO, which moved her deeply. The idea was initially only to focus on the business, as profit was the top priority at the time, but it gradually evolved into a purpose.

A mission and dedication to helping people.

Moreover, on the other hand, NLI reached its pinnacle and had begun to sprout local branches in the Philippines.

The company was originally known as “Meridian Life,” but it has since been renamed Noble Life International. In 2009, the business turned into a company, celebrated its third year in the industry, and opened its first global branch in Macau.

From 2006 to the present, NLI has remained at its peak, with a noble mission as its primary goal. A globally competitive organization dedicated to improving people’s
lives not only physically, emotionally, and spiritually, but also financially through the provision of products for better health that will positively impact their lifestyles through both a preventive and reactive approach to life-threatening diseases.

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